Business Profile

We accurately reflect customers' needs to manufacturing and propose added values.

Good communication with customers is the key factor for reflecting customers’ needs to the production by manufacturers. We have realized flexible on-site handling measures based on face-to-face communication. By accumulating know-how and the technological development capabilities of manufacturers for many years, we provide customers with products and proposals, which are ahead of its time, by gathering information from all industries. We reflect social needs of such as "recycle", "reuse" and "reduce" on our main business fields including transportation equipment, construction and engineering, building materials and paint. We make use of customers' voices gathered from a wide range of industrial fields in order to meet the requirements of manufacturers.

We establish collaboration system by means of flexible responses.

We establish the company structure to meet the needs of customers in cooperation with manufacturers in the product fields including transport related equipment, building related products, paint related products and environmental products. Working in research and development of new technology in collaboration with manufacturers, we provide customers with proposals for tapping into a new market and respond flexibly to the technology and product development requested by customers. We also strengthen our system for recycling in collaboration with Aoi Plastics Co., Ltd., our affiliated company, and other manufacturers. By collecting products processed from plastics materials and manufacturing them as new raw materials or products. This is our way to realize our environment-friendly proposals.

Environmental Project
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