Privacy Policy

Policy on handling of personal information

Sanwa Shoko Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “our company”) recognizes the personal information being accessed on its website as very important. For the protection of personal information, our company is operating its website with the privacy policy set out below:

Purpose of use of personal information

Our company will use personal information provided by customers, solely for the purpose of quick and appropriate responses to inquiries and requests, and delivering every kind of data and materials.

Provision of personal information with third party

Our company does not provide personal information which is given by customer to any third party without the consent of the customer, unless the law requires disclosure of personal information.

Management of personal information

Our company shall take appropriate action to prevent spills and leakage of personal information.

Revision of privacy policy

Taking into consideration of the changes in the legal and social environment, the privacy policy of our company may be revised as needed.

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