Message from the President

We contribute to society as a company capable of proposing creatively.

Toshio Abe
Toshio Abe

Established in 1947, Sanwa Shoko Co., Ltd. has provided our customers with raw materials and products that meet the needs of the age, which include industrial chemicals, construction related products, transportation related equipment, environmental related products and also proposed in-depth solutions for our customers. Over 70 years of our company, we have accumulated know-how of distribution and developed value-added services supported by the broad business network with excellent manufacturers. We are proud that these know-how and services have been regarded with high esteem by our customers in terms of its stability and reliability to this day.

Japanese business has rapidly changed in the midst of the further progress in globalization in recent years. Along with the changes in business environment, we have been aggressively developing high value products and gathering valuable information in foreign countries such as neighboring Asian countries for improving our sustainable growth and corporate value.

We believe this is our long-term strategy for our own growth and the development of the chemical industry as well. Our company has gained approval of ISO 14001 in order to aim for the environmentally friendly company through our business activities. By proposing and providing products which contribute to the environmental protection, we will strengthen our commitment of the entire organization for the environment issues more than ever before.

We believe that the relation with our customers as well as our society is essential for our business, and we will keep moving forward as “the company capable of proposing creatively". We look forward to your understanding and support.

Kiyokazu Otorii

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